Font Snobs, Unite!

I promise that I am still planning a post about the week with Cathy and the scoop on the Roasted Salsa Roja which I’m making today with HOMEGROWN TOMATOES! But for now I just have to say–I believe with all my heart that fonts communicate a great deal. In fact it’s been a concern of mine that the fonts default with the “theme” I’ve chosen in WordPress. I’ve considered paying the extra just so that I can choose my own fonts. Ridiculous right? But seriously, in a print piece or media presentation, the wrong font can sabotage all your hard work! The joke at the church where I worked was that whatever I designed I had to send the font along with the document because I could never use a standard selection.

So when I came across the video today, I HAD to share. I think it’s important to laugh hard every day so here’s your laugh for today…enjoy.