We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

So…I hinted at some big changes that have been happening. One of them is that Glenn and I are no longer living in Boring! While I miss the sound of the creek and routinely driving by cows and ducks and geese and llamas and alpacas and pigs and sheep and chickens, I am pretty happy to be living a little closer in and remembering the good things about living in Portland. Plus it’s kind of handy to be able to get, you know, anywhere in less than 20 minutes. But posting on “life in Boring” seems pretty shady given that my life is no longer in Boring. Instead I’ve started a new blog: A Tale of Grace. You can find it at www.taleofgrace.wordpress.com. I’m still planning to post menus pretty regularly, blather on about pinterest, review the books I’m reading, and share experiences with my friends and family. I’ll explain more about the big changes there.


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