Sister Week

“What’s the good news if you haven’t a sister to share it with?” — Jenny DeVries

A few weeks ago, Cath’ came to visit for a week. While I pretended that she came just to see me in reality she came to see Mom and Dad and I got to tag along. We had a great week. As I’m looking at the photos it seems that we spent a lot of time eating or shopping, sometimes with Mom and Dad, sometimes with our other sister Delores, sometimes with friends but almost always with yummy food.

Here’s our week as captured in photos:

We spent our first day hanging with Mom and Dad and Delores. Dad, who hates shopping and fast food opted out of the day’s events but Mom and Delores and Cathy and I hit Burgerville and the outlets in Troutdale. Do you know there’s a Gap Outlet
and an Ann Taylor Loft Outlet there? Danger.

Wednesday morning we visited a funny Portland spot called the Waffle Window. It’s literally a window in the side of a cafe. It’s in the Hawthorne District which is a rather Bohemian area with fantastic people watching so we ordered our waffles and checked out the scenery.

Cathy’s Berry Bliss Waffle

Glenn chose the Nutella and Banana without the banana.

My Summer Sunset Waffle. Yes those are fresh blueberries
(the menu said blackberries which would have been amazing too)
and peaches with lemon curd drizzled over the top. Oh. My.

Okay…so see the guy over Cathy’s left shoulder? Here’s a close up of their table.

See what I mean about great people watching? And seriously, could there be an stronger contrast between these two fellow-diners? So Portland.

We spent the afternoon at Mom and Dad’s and then the parentals came over for dinner.
So easy to prepare for company with my sister here. It’s like having two of me.

On Thursday we drove to Lebanon (yes, there’s an Oregon town named Lebanon. When we visited as kids I always looked for the fighting I heard about on the news. No joke.) We went there to meet Mom and Dad and our favorite Uncle Jack. (Dad’s brother.) We also met Uncle Freddie-who-isn’t-really-our-uncle-but-is-a-dear-friend-of-my-dad’s. Dad’s first memory of Uncle Freddie was on VJ-Day when a party call was put through to their house and they had to run to the corner to get Uncle Freddie’s mom. He (Uncle Freddie not Dad) is 97 and can’t hear a thing so the conversation over lunch was pretty laughable. We ate at the local hot spot, The Corner Cafe. Our waitress was outstanding and the food was pretty good. Cathy and I were the youngest diners by a good 20 years.

It’s a little bit blurry but I’m happy to have the photo anyway.

After lunch we stopped at the Woodburn Outlets. (Are you sensing a theme?) We looked around for quite a while but honestly we were the most impressed with this tremendous pile of petunias. Can you see Cathy waving from the doorway?

That evening we met our sweet friend/sister Brenda for dinner at Standford’s, one of our favorites. Brenda’s parents were missionaries in Central America and so in 1979 and 1980 she lived with us while she finished up school at Portland Christian. There’s a big difference between sixth grade and senior year so she and I weren’t as close as she and Cath’ were but I am catching up (yikes!) and feel so blessed to call her friend. As near as I can tell, she hasn’t changed at all in the ensuing 30 years. (Cant’ believe I just typed that.) So fun to chat with her. We lingered long over dinner and felt so privileged to take that much of her evening.
Here’s the photo of Brenda and Cathy.

Friday was another fun day of connecting with an old friend. Cathy wanted to connect with some friends from high school and I tagged along. I was a freshman when she was a senior so I knew who all her friends were but wondered if it would be weird for me to be there. As it turns out I didn’t need to worry at all. We went to a fantastic restaurant called Clarklewis. The service was great, the food was yummy and the company was fantastic. We had a great lunch with Kelly and then went back to the office to see her husband, Clark
–both classmates of Cathy’s from Portland Christian.

We spent Friday afternoon with Mom and Dad. One of their favorite things is to have the family together with no agenda…just chatting. Which sometimes makes our husbands’ crazy so it was so good to have time to sit with our parents just the way they like. Delores came by for a bit too so we were all together again. Then Glenn was able to meet all of us for dinner. To make it easy for him we wanted to eat somewhere close to camp which is more of a challenge in Boring. We settled on the Carver Hangar. It’s a funny little burger joint on the side of the highway
but the food is pretty yummy and the service is usually good.

We also baked up a chocolate yogurt loaf that I pinned a long time ago. Cathy and I had discussed making it when she got here so we made sure to take care of it. We split it and took half to Mom and Dad and left the other half at home (uh-oh.) I overbaked it so I can’t say if it would have been fantastic or not. But the glaze was truly delicious.

On Saturday morning we gathered Cathy’s stuff and then met the whole Hee Haw gang for lunch at Red Robin by the airport before Cath’s flight. Even Delores’ daughter, Kelly, came. After a week of 90ish temperatures, Saturday was overcast and a bit chilly but everyone’s air conditioning was still set for the near-100’s so we were freezing in Red Robin. Dad snuggled up with Kelly to warm her up and I snapped this photo on the sly. They both hate having their photo taken so I was happy to get this candid shot. Love the look on Dad’s face.

Before she left, Cathy had to have a photo with Charlie Brown.
It’s a mutual admiration society with the two of them.
They {heart} each other. Which I {heart} too.

And this is just to reward you for reading this far…
Cathy and I dearly love to laugh. We watched this video multiple times and have been
quoting it to each other over the phone.
Shout out to Amy who told us about it in the first place. Enjoy.

P.S. Here’s what I found when I got home from the airport…


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