What’s for Dinner {Back in Boring}

We’ve had a fun couple of weeks with company and then traveling. It’s been fantastic but we’re pretty happy to be home again and settle into a more regular routine. I’m always surprised to hear myself say this…but I’m kind of happy to be home and stop eating out. It’s been a couple weeks of fancy dining or deep-fried indulgence (can you say Red Robin french fries?). So we’re anticipating some simpler, made-at-home meals this week. Hope you enjoyed the Des Moines menu last week while we were dining out.

And I promise to post the photos from my week with Cath’…they seem to be centered around those meals anyway…and the couple pics I shot in Florida. More to come…

Meanwhile, here’s the meal plan for this week:

Monday: Chicken with Ginger and steamed rice
This is the recipe from Martha Stewart. We tried it a few weeks ago and loved it. Simple, light, and delicious. This time I’m planning to add a green veggie: spinach, green beans or broccoli, whatever is available at the grocery store.

Tuesday: Taco Stuffed Shells and Roasted Salsa Roja
I’ve never done stuffed shells and it seems kind of silly to start with this taco version but what can I say? It sounds yummy to me. For the salsa, I’m a sucker for roasted tomato flavors so I’m anxious to try this one. And I’m still searching for a recipe that’s yummy without the garlic. I fear that I am doomed to fail but this one looks promising because it has a lot of other flavors and spiciness going on. Fingers crossed, right? Speaking of spiciness though, I’m planning to use jalepenos instead of serrano peppers. Call me a chicken if you want but eight serranos sounds crazy to me!

Wednesday: Balsamic and Onion Pot Roast and Smashed Potatoes with Blackberry Custard for dessert
Our weather forecast has a cool day coming on Wednesday–they’re saying we won’t even break 70 degrees so it seems like a good day to try a new Pot Roast recipe. Plus mom and dad will be joining us for dinner so even better. It’s always fun to make those bigger recipes when there are four of us otherwise Glenn and I end up eating the same meal for days on end. This recipe combines a couple of our very favorite flavors, balsamic and onion, so seems like we can’t go wrong. Since there aren’t potatoes in the pot roast I’m planning to try these simple and yummy looking smashed potatoes. Yes, smashed. Literally. And I promise I didn’t mean to do another ATK recipe but look how easy this one is!

Blackberry season is coming to a close so I’m planning to try  individual Blackberry Custards before they’re gone. This is mostly for my dad…these are two of his favorite tastes together. (Glenn will just have to find some chocolate ice cream or something.)

Thursday: Pasta with Spicy Tomato and Olive Sauce (from Panera)
As usual I’ll be making this without the garlic but once again it looks to me like there are enough other strong flavors that we won’t miss it too much. If I’m feeling really ambitious I may try some homemade bread (since there are about 587 recipes on my taste (bread) pinterest board. We’ll see how my week goes but I love the idea of that delicious scent of baking bread in our home…hence the 587 recipes. A girl can dream, right?

Friday: Sweet Apricot Chicken
Simple and yummy and another crock pot recipe–yeah! Perfect since Glenn has guests coming in and dinner time will have to be a bit flexible. Haven’t decided yet if this will be with rice or bread or some other starch. And the veggie depends on what I can find at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday.

Happy Cooking and Bon Appetit!


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