I have no idea what’s for dinner.

So this is when I usually post the menu for the week. I check my pinterest boards and see what I want to try this week, I page through the recipes I’ve torn from magazines or printed off of my favorite websites and create a shopping list for the whole week. But not this week! This week my sister is flying in from Iowa and we’re going to have crazy-fun. So no plans, officially. But I promise there will be a trip to the Waffle Window (Krista, I blame you for this one…your facebook posts have me intrigued!) and of course we’ll go to Burgerville–it’s marionberry season after all. We have lunch planned with our uncles and coffee with high school friends but no menu and no shopping list. There is one thing on the agenda though, we’re going to bake this chocolate yogurt cake from my taste (sweet) pinboard. I pinned it months ago and we commented at the time that we wanted to try it when we were together this summer so there it is, on the plan.

In the meantime I am doing laundry and cleaning like a crazy woman and then taking mom for a mani/pedi so she’ll be all cute too. We’ll try and take pictures of all the great times this week! Stay tuned.P.S. This is a really old photo but I can’t find the images from last summer so it was this one or an equally dated Christmas photo. Or you know, maybe we just haven’t aged in the last five years. Let’s go with that.


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