Reason #3 to live in Boring, Oregon: Look What I Found on the Side of the Road

If you’ve ever lived east of the Cascades in Oregon, you know that every home-owner and gardener spends 49-50 weeks out of the year fighting the ever-present, indestructible wild blackberry. But for two or three short weeks every summer they produce an amazing sweet jewel of a fruit. Wild blackberries are my very favorite. Don’t tell the local farmers who work so hard to cultivate strawberries and raspberries and logan berries and boysen berries and marion berries, but wild blackberries from the side of the road are the. best. Hands down.

The vines are seriously everywhere and grow in a kind of mounding way so that left alone they get higher and higher. The sides of highways and edges of roads or driveways are treasure troves this time of year and you can mark the time that has passed since the blackberries were cut back by their height. For instance:

The bottom of this photo is about eye level for me.

The vines around camp are getting loaded with berries.

And the berries are just now starting to ripen.

I spent about five or ten minutes by the side of the road today and came home with this


Not bad for a few minutes work. I may have to make a daily check of the berry vines part of my regular routine. Now to decide if they should be eaten straight up or in a fruit salad or baked in a cobbler or served over ice cream or…





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