What’s for Dinner?

Last week’s “Hawaiian Grilled Chicken” was a success. Loved it and will be using the leftover chicken into a yummy salad for lunch tomorrow. Didn’t get to the Barbacoa Beef yet. (Forgot to defrost the roast in time.) Here is this week’s schedule:

Monday: scrambled eggs and bacon (and probably pancakes…they sound so delicious to me! I’m thinking little silver dollar size.)

Tuesday: dinner out! We have plans to meet some friends at Stanford’s–one of Glenn’s favorite places! Yippee! (I am evidently feeling rather exclamatory about this. !)

Wednesday: barbacoa beef in the crockpot over lime rice with corn salsa (Chipotle copycat recipes) Follow the link from last week’s post for the recipe.

Thursday: Cook’s Country St. Louis style pizza and garden salad (We watched something like 5 episodes that were tivoed so now we’re all inspired. The recipes are available on their site. You have to log in with your email to get access but all of the recipes from this season are available.)

Friday: Cook’s Country Skillet Chicken Parmesan with salad (I didn’t pin these recipes because they are only available during the current season so I went old school and printed them out.)

Saturday: America’s Test Kitchen “Our Favorite Chili” (ATK works the same way as the Cook’s Country deal…you have to log in but then you have access to all of the season’s recipes.) In our family all ATK recipes are favorites but they take a little extra work usually and the recipes are crazy specific. You know, like, “Stir eight times in a clockwise direction.” So far all of them we’ve tried have been absolutely worth the effort.

Sunday: leftovers…there’s likely to be some left over barbacoa beef or pizza or chili so we’ll have that on Sunday night. Besides I hate when my fridge gets jammed with tiny dibs and dabs of meals. Problem solved!

Here’s the printable menu. This week’s pinterest recipes are Barbacoa Beef with Lime Rice and Corn Salsa and French Onion Panini (for lunch.)


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