10 Minute Projects

After weeks of gray and gloomy we have had almost a whole week of sunshine and blue skies and I am a whole new woman. So today I am the queen of 10-minute projects. In an ideal world I’d be working on these from time to time whenever I have about, you know, ten minutes. But since our address is Boring, not “ideal,” I am going from project to project instead. And it feels great! It’s amazing how many things I put off, thinking the task is too daunting when really it’s only about a ten minute investment. Even I can sustain that!

So here are my 10-minute projects so far today:

  • grocery list
  • tidy the refrigerator (Is it really vital to keep those four bites of overripe strawberries in a jumbo dish? And is it really so overwhelming to get rid of it?)
  • unload the dishwasher
  • load the dishwasher (yes, those jobs are usually back to back at my house)
  • vacuum
  • fold the laundry instead of restarting the dryer
  • change the bed
  • file my nails
  • make croutons (You won’t believe how easy it is or how much yummier they are than the store bought ones. Here’s the recipe I use. Of course, it’s a pinterest project. But seriously–no guilt about that wasted stale bread.)
  • change the saying on my chalkboard door
  • put fresh towels in the powder bath
  • empty the super-irritating-fall-out-and-get-tracked-everywhere-hole-punches out of the hole-puncher-deal.
  • hole-punch and file recipes.

Back in January I had a conversation with my sister about this and we had great plans to create a jar of 10-minute jobs that you could just pull whenever you had ten minutes. Of course I want it to be cute–not just an empty jar with scribbled papers. Maybe that will be my next task…stay tuned.

What about you–what’s on your 10-minute task list?


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