Reason #1 to live in Boring, Oregon: The Tall One

This adorable print is a free download from eighteen25.

I posted about strawberry jam today as a reason to live here. And I still think that’s true. But it didn’t sit right that it was “reason #1.” Because it is certainly not my raison d’etre. The real number one reason for me to live in Boring, Oregon is that Glenn is here. Wherever he is, that is home for me. So right now that’s a double-wide in Boring and he’s the best reason I can think of to live here.

You can find the link to the downloadable print on my Pinterest board or right here. I printed it out and had it in my Bend house when it was on the market and I was trying to make it look like a magazine (in the so-cute yellow) and it was one of the first things to go on the wall here. It’s in a group of adorable printables in my laundry room, all in red and turquoise. Love it!

Hope you’re lucky enough to feel this way too!


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