Reason #2 to live in Boring, Oregon: Strawberry Jam

“You can grow anything here,” my sister told me when I first talked about planting some things here. And she’s right. In this tiny village of 10,000 people there are some 12 professional nurseries and countless farms. So one of the reasons to live in Boring, Oregon, (of which I am sure there are many just waiting to be discovered) is the proximity to fresh strawberries.

While I was driving to Trout Creek to speak at chapel last week I drove by this field of strawberries every morning.

This is what it looked like around noon–when I drove by in the mornings the workers were still in the fields. So on Wednesday I stopped at the stand right next to the field and bought a couple flats of strawberries.

(When I pulled up there was no one else there and as soon as I took my camera out there were suddenly three or four other patrons.) This is Liepold Farms. If you’re a Burgerville fan (which if you aren’t, um, what’s wrong with you?!?) you’ll recognize the name from their strawberry season. The berries were beautiful and so fragrant. I had to limit myself to two flats.

Home of delicious strawberries

Who can resist?!?

Berries are a precious commodity that quickly goes from perfect to too-ripe so we made our jam the day I bought the berries.  One of our sweet camp friends wanted to learn how to make jam so she came too. (And everything is more fun with friends.) Our kitchen in the camp house is so lovely it always makes me feel like I should be hosting a cooking show so it was super fun to share the evening with her.

See what I mean? {in speaker-y TV voice} “Welcome to the Boring Kitchen. I’m so glad you’ve joined us today.”

We had a jam making party.

the chefs

the ingredients

I tried a couple new recipes: strawberry balsamic jam and strawberry-lemonade jam. (Just click the words for the link to the recipes or check out my Pinterest board.) The strawberry-lemonade didn’t set up exactly right but it is super yummy anyway–served over vanilla ice cream and chopped strawberries it’s pretty amazing! And of course we made straight up traditional yummy strawberry jam too.

The tall one likes to get a little creative with recipes so he tried his hand at Strawberry Lemonade (the beverage.) Turns out that yummy strawberry lemonade has sweetened strawberries, not just straight up strawberry puree. It was quite possibly the most tart thing I have ever tasted. Glenn was quite insulted by my reaction and insisted his was delicious.

Who needs a recipe?

Here’s the finished product.

three flavors of strawberry jam…check out how brightly colored the strawberry-lemonade is!

So now we can check one off the summer bucket list and start a new “reasons to live in Boring” list.


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