Summer Bucket List

When we moved to Bend in 2001, it was a dream come true. There were major adjustments between living in a Los Angeles suburb and a small town in Central Oregon but we celebrated them all. We loved the local beauty, the return to seasons, and even the inconvenience of living in a small town. For ten years I said, “Look where we live!” pretty routinely.

The move to Boring was a little different. If I had my way we would still live in Bend but we believe this is where God wants us right now so this is where we are. With summer here I am especially feeling the loss of our CO home. After all, it is the season to sit by the river at Red Robin and drink Diet Coke by the glass and eat bottomless fries by the dozen.

So instead of mourning the loss of our summer playground, I made a list of  summer events that are not-to-be-missed on this side of the mountains. And voila, my summer bucket list was born.

Here’s my list of stuff that I’d be so disappointed to discover I had missed come Labor Day…

  • attend a Rose Festival Event (done. You can read about it here.)
  • visit the Rose Test Garden
  • pick berries (waiting for my favorite wild blackberries. Yum!)
  • pick peaches (We love the veteran variety and have picked at Albeke Farm in Oregon City. Amazing!)
  • eat at Timberline Lodge
  • go to the beach
  • can pickles
  • make jam x2 (Strawberry jam is already done…I’ll write about it this week!)
  • take a dip at Kah-nee-ta
  • swim at Mom and Dad’s
  • visit the Lavender Festival (This will be the next event for the moms and me.)
  • climb the trail at Multnomah Falls
  • attend Shakespeare in the Park

There are a few things that didn’t make the list simply because I believe them to “go-without-saying;” for instance, hit the library and come home with a giant stack of thick novels, grill as many burgers as possible, eat outside whenever the sun shines, and throw the frisbee for Charlie Brown.

What about you? What’s on your summer list? Portland-friends, any suggestions for mine?


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