Chalkboard Upgrade

One of the really amazing perks of my husband’s job is that it comes with a place to live. We literally live at camp and who doesn’t want to do that?!? Our little house here is great but has a few, well, quirks. It’s a mobile home and so all of the doors have that odd paper-board stuff instead of regular wood. And since we are not the first residents, several of them have dings and bangs and marks where someone has taped something up and pulled most of the texture off with the tape. Our dining area is home to one of the most banged up. It’s an odd little (and I mean oddly little) closet where I’ve stored our games and puzzles and the vacuum cleaner and that’s about it. But I knew I wanted to do something with the door. Enter Pinterest!

If you’ve looked at my boards you know that I have a bit of a chalkboard fixation. I’ve pinned images of chalkboard labels and chalkboard paper, chalkboard paint inside the cupboard doors or on whole walls in the home. So I decided to paint the funny little door!

I should have taken before and during photos but here is the final result…

While I love the chalkboard look, I hate the dust and feel of actual chalk. So I got these fantastic chalk markers that I adore! They’re called Chalk Ink. I bought the set of 8 in earth tones from Amazon (less money than the Chalk Ink site.) But there’s a fantastic video on the manufacturer’s website so it’s worth checking out. Here’s the link: Chalk Ink. They come in a handy little case and great colors. I also purchased a single white marker. They’re a little spendy up front but in my book they’re absolutely worth it! And they work exactly like the video says. (I even fixed a mistake just like they did on the ad.)

I’m making plans for topics for the board next–menus, verses, quotes, sayings, lists. I may even have to make a Pinterest board to gather them. What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas for the list!

P.S. This is our “Summer Bucket List.” More on that in another post!


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