Moms and Roses

Yesterday I took my sweet mom and my fantastic MIL to the Rose Festival Rose Show. One of my goals is to find these fun activities for all of us (check out our trip to the Lilac Festival on my Facebook page) so this fit perfectly. We are not expert rose-gardeners or anything but how much do you really have to know to enjoy a bunch of roses?

The show was on the ice rink at Lloyd Center. Entry fees are just $3 but I guess because I was with those two lovely ladies, a nice man gave us two tickets so it was only $3 for all three of us! (Score!) It’s pretty impressive when you come around the corner:

There were tables and tables of roses: single stems, groups of three, five, seven, and a dozen and all gathered into color categories; there were “rose portraits”–a single rose mounted on a black velvet background; rose boxes that displayed six blooms; a chance to vote for your favorite fragrant roses; and samples of the roses from the Portland Rose Test Garden. I got a little carried away with my photos but my favorites are the ones of the moms with their favorite flowers.

You can check out the rest of my snaps below. (I am not a fancy photographer, I leave that to the tall one, so my apologies for those of you who are disappointed in my aesthetic!) Honestly, I think the flowers were so stunning that it didn’t matter that I’m not a good photographer.

The rose show ends today but you can still get in on the Rose Festival fun–the Grand Floral Parade is tomorrow morning. Since it’s almost always guaranteed to rain for the parade I think I’ll watch it on tv instead!


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