It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Yesterday I ironed. This is unusual. Usual would be me putting things back in the dryer for a quick fluff instead of ironing. I’m sure my mother, who taught me to iron by having me press my father’s undershirts, would be appalled. She would also be appalled that when I finally decided it was time, I couldn’t find said iron. We’ve lived here for six months and evidently I have not unpacked my iron. In fact, I have no recollection of where it might be. It was one of those last things to get packed and may have been among the items that sweet friends packed for me. At any rate, here we are six months later and the iron is completely MIA. Handily, there was an iron here when we arrived so I just dug that one out of the box of items I stuffed in the garage.

Clearly there are very few things I deem worthy of breaking out the iron but I think cloth napkins are absolutely worth it. Since there are just the two of us, we have fallen into that terrible eat-in-front-of-the-tv habit…even if we aren’t watching tv. Somehow we seem to sit on the couch to eat unless we have guests. But when family or friends are coming over we always sit at the table. And I always use cloth napkins. I know some people think  it’s not worth the effort but I think it communicates how much I value my guests. So table linens end up to be pretty much the only thing I iron anymore.

I have this mental thing that says “I hate to iron” but once I get started I settle into a bit of a rhythm and I find it very zen. My obsessive tendencies come out and I press the napkins, fold them carefully, and stack them up precisely so that they’ll be pristine when they’re placed on the table. While I am ironing I think about how the table will look and anticipate the gatherings of family and friends where they’ll be used. It turns out that I kind of love ironing.

Good thing too since my parents came for dinner last night so I have a new stack of napkins to iron.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Love/Hate Thing

  1. I procrastinate as long as I can before I have to iron anything…I keep hoping that the longer they hang in the closet the more wrinkles will smooth out of them…growing up all the clothes that needed to be ironed were thrown in a basket and one person’s weekly chore was to empty that basket…needless to say now I just hope to pull them out of the dryer while they are still warm and hang them up in the closet, then I push the whole bunch of shirts to one side and hope that the “pressing” action between the shirts will keep them from getting wrinkled. Then when I need to wear them I evaluate the event I am going too, who will be there, and the ramifications of someone thinking my shirt is too wrinkled. It worked great last week when I was wearing my tuxedo and all I ironed was the front panel and left the arms and back wrinkled since I knew I would not be taking my jacket off…Oh how lazy I have become with my laundry skills.

  2. I just bought a pretty two-faced cotton napkin and thought of you. It is in the Privet House for Target line. I’m going to use it to line my bread basket. That way, whether the cloth is opened or closed, it still looks nice.

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