A Burden Shared Is Often a Burden Halved…

I am such a girl. If pop psychology is to be believed, when men are concerned they compartmentalize and leave their worries behind. Not so with me; I fuss and stew and worry and sigh. I wonder about whether or not I should burden friends or family with the heaviness on my heart. But when I do share I find my heart so much lighter. My confidante may or may not have an answer because honestly some of the things on my plate right now don’t have a simple answer. (More on that in another post.) But I find the simple act of talking it through makes my concern so much lighter.

I feel incredibly spoiled to share my life with such amazing friends and family. In the last six months I quit a job, sold a house, helped my mother-in-law buy a condo, moved two households, and recovered from surgery–I’m still working on getting my feet under me. But sharing the concerns and worries that make my heart heavy limits their ability to completely weigh me down.

So if you’re the one with the burdens, share with a beloved friend. If you are in a place of (relative) balance and peace, offer a listening ear! Without being Pollyanna-esque, look for good things to share too. I’m sure we’ll discover the adage’s remaining phrase to be true as well: …a joy shared is a joy doubled.


One thought on “A Burden Shared Is Often a Burden Halved…

  1. I love you, girlie…well, you, and the big man and the dog…it’s all good.

    In my own life, and for yours, I will just hold onto the tag….GOD HAS A PLAN AND IT IS GOOD!

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