So…maybe later?

If you know anything about me, you know that I am totally in love with my fantastic family. And to put the crowning touch on my family-luckiness, the sister that is closest in age to me is also my closest friend. She lives far away so we both have friends that are closer geographically but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can know just about all the details of each others lives without even living in the same time-zone. Which brings me to a confession: we talk on the phone almost every day... (During the school year we try to leave weekends free for her to spend with her own family, I suppose they warrant some time, but otherwise we talk daily.) …sometimes more than once.

It’s always been that way between us. In the early nineties, when we were both newly married and totally broke it was a big decision to call long-distance. Even at the bargain price of 10¢/minute, we had to carefully ration out our talk-time.

Last fall, when the tall one moved here before I did and I was spending a lot of time alone, I noticed that by the time I got to the office in the morning I was already so wound up with my to-do list and what I wanted to accomplish that I didn’t like interacting with others very much. They seemed like interruptions to this introvert. So I started calling her every day before work so that I wasn’t so “in-my-head” and the habit has stuck around past it’s official intention and my employment.

I admit, some mornings we are a little slow going and I think we have, at last, reached a pause in what we have to say to each other, a comma of sorts in our conversation. But then somehow it’s been an hour and one of us has to get off to, you know, live life. Invariably, there’s something that happens during the day that makes me want to call her again to tell her I accomplished what I said I would or the brownies I tried are delicious and totally worth the calories or that it is raining, again. Which brings me to my next confession: between phone conversations and instant messaging, I’ve talked to her three times today.

When I asked her if our last conversation made two or three times today, she responded, “So…maybe later?” That’s why I love that girl.


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